Monday, April 11, 2011


You saw this title and thought, "She's already posted something like this before. Redundancy is not a virtue. Shame! Shame!" Yes, I know. Shame on me.......oh well! On with it! :P While packing up to move into our new house, I was reading through some old magazines and I noticed several interesting looking books in the reading column:
A World Away by TJ Smith
This is actually a series of books, this one being the first. Its about your typical geek. Dan Clay loves science and is so upset when the school bullies wreck the science fair, that he runs off into a forbidden forest. He gets lost and is transported into another world. He finds that his lost teenage brother is being held captive in a castle. Throughout the rest of the story, he and his 3 new friends set out to rescue his brother.
The Crystal Snowstorm by Meriol Trevor
A 13 year Catholic girl is living with her Protestant aunt in England. He grandfather, the Duke of Letzentein calls her to Germany. She encounters several mysteries and adventures throughout her trip and visit in Letzentein.
Just a side not to you guys, I have not read any of these books, to my great unhappiness, so I'm sorry if I got some of these thing wrong. I pulled the reviews from my magazines and wrote them in my own way.
Happy reading!!!