Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Attention! Thank you. Ahem. You may have noticed that I have some advertisements on my blog. Now, it must be known that I loathe, despise, and utterly detest ads and commercials. However, if I allow google to post an ad on my blog with a widget called Adsense I make money for each time someone clicks the ad. If you would be so kind as to do so, I would be completely and eternally grateful to you. I'm not allowed to click the ads, (also kown as cheating) and I would be so very pleased and happy if you clicked them and then just closed it out. Unless, of course, you found an ad for debt free living to be so wonderfully interesting then you have my permission and blessing to keep looking at it. Do as you wish.
Also, I will stop excessively overusing adjectives, if you do. Although it is rather humorous and fun... :P Ooops...I did it again. :P

Fashion Report: Audrey Hepburn

I really wasn't going to do another fashion icon this week, but, well, I kinda got behind and I almost forgot this week's post. And then one of my loyal subjects, I mean, followers, Miss Emily Tetsch suggested I do Audrey Hepburn. Seeing as I had no other ideas, I agreed! And here is your fashion report on Audrey Hepburn. Bon Appetit!
Audrey Hepburn was an actress from the mid-1900's. She was also a fashion icon as well, obviously, and she loved a lot of the styles that former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy liked as well. However, she had her own style too.
You may have heard about the Little Black Dress. Ms. Hepburn made them famous on the big screen. Other clothes that she liked were capri pants, and ballet flats. I myself adore ballet flats. Turtlenecks, and trench coats were also another major item. Personally, I think a trench coat gives an air of mystery and excitement. Audrey Hepburn was a daring fashion icon.
For example, she wore men's button down tops and managed to pull it off quite well. This fashion icon as well as Jackie Kennedy still lives on in fashion today. The ghost of famous fashion icons past still hide in today's styles. Look around and see if you can find them.