Sunday, April 17, 2011

Modesty and Fashion..a perfect match- The teenage girl's dilemma

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a pretty petite person. Because of that, I've been in childrens size clothing for awhile. I'm 14 now, turning 15 in September and I'm wearing junior size clothing more. I used wish that I could wear the more sophisticated, mature clothing sold in junior departments. Of course, now that mature and sophisticated means more and more skin shown, I'm not so eager to be completely out of childrens sizes. So, looking at this title, I notice that modesty and fashion used to be a perfect match. 
Now, when people think about modest clothing they think about long ankle-length skirts, turtlenecks, or being buttoned up to you chin in lace. Not that there is anything wrong with long skirts, and turtlenecks. Is it really impossible to be modest and fashionable at the same time? Not necassarily.
But the problem is that the world has made modesty "unfashionable". And that really gets on my nerves! I've been looking for an Easter dress that is modest, sophisticated and fashionable. My only requirements are that it not be strapless, really short, or super lowcut. Is that really too much to ask department stores to do? Judging from what's in the stores now, the answer is yes. Why is it that fashion designers think that a girl has wear a very short dress, or very low cut shirt to feel beautiful? That's not the way we girls should feel! We should feel beautiful in our own styles and in modest clothing. Not in skimpy clothes that barely leave anything covered. 
And now to offer a solution to this dilemma. Write letter's to stores that sell these "clothes" such as Kohls, Macy's, JC Penny, etc. Or, make petitions and have people sign them and send them to these stores. And one of the best things to do, is try not to buy these clothes. If you can't find clothes anywhere else, then buy strappy shirts and wear them with cute shrugs or under plain tees. 
These ideas may not seem incredible but little things can do big things. 
Modesty and fashion shouldn't be opposites. They should go together perfectly.