Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fashion Report: Fashion Icon Jacqueline Kennedy

This week's fashion report is going to be about a fashion icon. Jacqueline Kennedy, during her late husband's presidency, was considered to be a fashion icon for women all over the world. The clothes she wore set the styles for women everywhere. Pillbox hats, sleeveless A-line dresses, and suit sets with quarter length sleeves. These styles were known as the "Jackie look". Jackie may have been a great fashion icon but she wasn't a very thrifty person. She spent $45, 446 on fashion her first year in the White House! Wow!
After her husband's death, Jackie's style changed dramatically. She began wearing gypsy skirts, silk head scarves, large dark glasses, bright colors, and even wore jeans in public! (Women wore skirts or dresses in public only during this time) Some of these styles are coming back now too. Jacqueline Kennedy was a fashion icon in her time. She is still considered a fashion icon today.