Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello again!

Yeah, its been waaaaay too long since I last posted. Here's a little update on my life:
We started CHEC (Christian Homeschool Enrichment Co-op) in September and its been a lot of fun. I like my classes and I'm starting to make some new friends! Which, as you all know, you can never have too many of!! School killed me, but I'm surviving.  A lot of CHEC and debate homework too. OH YEAH!! And I turned 15! Woot Woot Woot!! Party in the house tonight! Yup, I had an awesome party. I'm missing two of my close friends, one of whom I really really really miss. :( They are both in public school and I haven't talked to one of them since my b-day! Speaking of which, I'm gonna go email her now.
Ciao, Toodles, Au revoir, and arrivederci!!

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